Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Case study : Commission Killer.

I have just purchased the Commission Killer program and have decided to put the whole thing up on the net for all to see. From start and setting up to actually letting it go into the big world wide web and hopefully bringing home the bacon if not the whole pig, he he !

For those of you who haven't heard of Commission Killer yet, the system was created by Rob Walker and Craig Kaye, it basically offers killer ways to earn killer commissions by making use of some awesome affiliate blogs and authentic content with only a few clicks. Once all set and running it is a virtual auto piloted system which updates itself, cool hah !

I am not going to spend a whole lot of time on this post as I really want to get cracking away at this Commission Killer software program and hopefully start making some money.So here is a little snap shot of one of my clickbank accounts I have opened specifically for case studies like Commission Killers.

Now if any of you have had any success using Commission Killer please let me know. I think if we all help each other where we can we can all have a slice of the virtual riches pie that we all aim for.

Anyway back to the case study, Commission Killer sold me on the simplicity to set-up, article spinning and once the whole thing is set free the auto piloting system sealed the deal for me.I have slaved away at designing websites, html code ( which just sucks ), up loading this and down loading that, domains and hosting blah blah blah. The Commission Killer system is staight down the line no fluff stuff and to the point. The best part is it is easy.

In the next few month I will be tracking my success ( if any ) and will be sharing with you the ups and down through the whole process. I will include my weekly screen shots of my Clickbank account which will include a run down of the systems I am using or trying out. If there is anyone that would like to team up with me or try this with me feel free to follow my blog and let share some ideas.

I really hope you guys out there find this a little interesting or at least drop by every now and then and share your ideas. Until next time.

To our success,
Ryan Wesley.  

Friday, 9 March 2012

Affiliate Marketing Is My Map To Wealth.

The dream of earning a fortune online will remain just that for many, a dream. All the information we have at our finger tips these days can lead to one getting very confused while learning the basics of online marketing. Starting an online business can be very daunting to some, but when looked at from a different perspective, there are plenty reasons to get started right away than not at all. Here are but a few popular reasons :

* Been able to spend more time with your family.
* Earn a great living.
* Have no boss breathing down your neck.
* Having the freedom of working from the comfort of your home.
* Choosing your own working hours.
* Owning and running your own business. You are the BOSS!

Two of the main reasons why most of us don't succeed with Affiliate Marketing and soon throw in the towel is because we expect to be making truck loads of cash, and expect to tell our bosses to shove it within a few days of starting out. This is not the reality of affiliate marketing. Most of todays internet marketing guru's have been around for some time ( several years or more infact ) and understand the work and dedication needed to start making an online income.

As a beginner marketer you will come to a cross roads at some point, having to decide whether or not to keep on learning and researching Affiliate Marketing, or start putting what you have alredy learned into action. The truth is, you never stop learning about Affiliate Marketing and the best is to start doing both and NEVER stop. So what would you need to be an Affiliate Marketer? Well, technically you would just need to sign up as an affiliate at one of the hundreds of programs out there,but if you wanted to be a full time Affiliate Marketer and make a living online you would need :

* A PC or Laptop, or have access to one.
* A mobile phone that has internet capabilities is a definate bonus when on the go.
* Internet access.

With these items listed above the world is your oyster ready for the taking. Now you might be asking yourself " laptop... yes, mobile... yes, internet access...yes, now what? ". The answer is simple, sign up to affiliate programs that interest you or fall into your topic of interest. Write good articles or blogs with alot of good content, put your affiliate links into them and Ka-Ching, wait for the sales to tick over. I shouldn't actually say wait, you should be constantly churning out articles or new blog posts as these are your little army of sales people. Each of these sales people are let loose into the world wide web and have the potential to bring home the bacon, big time, maybe even the whole pig if you are lucky or really work at it : )

Do yourself a favour, draw up a daily action plan, stick it to your computer, laptop, fridge, where ever you can see it regularly. And stick to it. Writing might not come naturally to all of us but it will become a habit and fun if you stick it out long enough. There is no greater motivation than seeing your first sale come through and then suddenly it all falls into place. Ping! a light bulb moment. All the hard work you put in will pay off in the end with interest.

So to end off with the secret formula for success in affiliate marketing :

PC + www. + Blogs and articles + affiliate links + repetition = Success

Holding thumbs to all your success

Best regards,

Ryan Wesley.